21 November 2005

why am i here? why are you here?

and what's this all about, anyway?

well, let's start from the beginning....

in the bowels of my home, along with the washer and the dryer and the furnace and the usual trappings one would find in such a space, there exists a recording studio. it's comprised of equipment bought specifically for a project i'm undertaking, but also from an entire adult life of accumulating and collecting musical instruments, equipment, recording gear, and the like. i'm a professional musician, formerly a signed recording artist - and while i don't, as a rule, write my own material as a means of expression anymore, i've committed to making another album for some specific reasons that i won't get into here.

this weekend was to have been the weekend that some of the serious work on this record commenced. however, it was not to be, as a whole series of technical setbacks, unforeseen circumstances, and general shitty luck have completely derailed the process to the point that all i really want to do right now is sit down and write about what a pain in my ass this whole thing has been.

if you're here, chances are good that you know me - chances even better that you came here from my other blog.

that be the case, i'm probably going to make some assumptions that you're familiar with me or my work on some level if you're here....if not, you can stop by my website or the aforementioned blog if you find yourself curious.

i'm creating this particular journal as a sidebar to the one i currently maintain, as i see this one as a place to document some of the kinds of things that happened to me this weekend, and to keep something of a running tale of how this project is coming together as i proceed. if you're the type that finds this sort of thing entertaining, fascinating, or perverse, then bookmark it and stop by now and then. i'll try to keep you interested.



At 11/21/2005 6:28 AM, Anonymous mitch said...

Monday morning, the first twinges of dawn are moving in from the east...
42 degrees fahrenheit, the high today should be 59 but rain moving in late. All is not well in Mudville. It'll be good to follow this new project!!


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