05 February 2006

the first rough mix

went to see the boys from poco last night in lancaster, pa, where they were appearing with america on the Legends Who Lost A Founding Member To God Tour (not the official marketing angle, just my personal nickname).

i thought i'd summon some oft-neglected courage and burn a copy of something to take along with me...alphabetically, the closest to completion was "child's claim to fame", so i dumped that onto discs and gave one to each of the band members after the show. it still has the scratch vocal and the original guitar on it, but it was a decent mix. there's a few things to be added to it yet, but i think it sounds pretty close to what it's going to sound like (minus the harmonies at this point).

paul cotton is back with the band and sounding better than ever.

this friday, i'm opening for poco at the colonial theatre in phoenixville with my band.

there's another project i'm hoping to have finished by then as well...which i'll talk more about a little later....either here or over at the official site.


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